The secret’s out – finally a genuine nuts and bolts book on ‘how to’ communicate with God just as we are. All myths have been absolved in this soul rendering ‘at-one-ment with God’ dialogue Ruth has written here. How do we find God, let-a-lone talk to God? God’s communication with us – how do we recognize God’s voice; how do we hear God? How do we keep an on-going conversation with God? Whether one is searching or is already on the journey, Ruth’s book gives each and every one of us the assurance that absolutely everyone is unconditionally loved by a God who really wants to be at one with us.


Being With God NZ$25 + Shipping

Soft Whispers is a collection of 66 inspirational writings that are an encouragement for life’s journey and an encouragement of God’s love for you and the people around you.

These writings, which have led to the production of the book have been a 28yr+ journey of listening and obedience. I hope for the book to be an inspiration, an encouragement, and most of all a “soft whispers, small shouts, deep waters” experience of our loving God to all.


Soft Whispers NZ$29 + Shipping