Being With God Testimonials


THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL PERSONAL REFLECTION of Ruth’s journey into a deeper understanding and experience of God.  With  gentle simplicity, as she shares the thoughts of her heart,  her wisdom ‘rings bells’ of understanding, and prompts us into  graceful reflection on our own relationship with the God who is Love.

– The Very Rev’d Peter Beck. Dean of Taranaki/Pirihi Matamua o Taranaki


The essence of this new book … is an “Intimacy between Ruth and her Lord”. Her words inspire and quicken the Holy Spirit within, recalling moments of intimacy with Him. This is a book compelling the reader to be totally involved until ‘put down’. IT IS A BOOK OF BLESSING TO EXPERIENCE.

– The Rev. Eliz Richards, retired prison chaplain


Ruth Hammond is a listener, listening to God, and from this CONVEYS PROFOUND SPIRITUAL TRUTHS OF THE FAITH. She writes with prayerful and pastoral sensitivity ‘from the heart’ of her own experiences, yet the reader will surely identify with her experiences of life.

-The Rev Derek Lightbourne. Pastor, mentor and friend

Ruth Hammond has developed another God-inspired book to bring INSPIRATION AND HOPE. These intimate insights and poetic writings share a remarkable depth as she reflects on her own spiritual experiences. ‘Being with God …’ will encourage and uplift readers in their own God conversations, and ultimately act as a spiritual signpost that points us all to Jesus.

– Justin St. Vincent. President of NZ Christian Writers


ONCE AGAIN GOD SPEAKS to the author of this book, as she responds faithfully and eagerly to the ‘nudges’ God gives, when He wants her to write more of her life experiences. She understands that she has a specific role to play, just as we all have in this life. It is in the seeking and discovering of this role that she fulfils the destiny He had always and forever laid out for her. THERE IS SO MUCH TO EXPLORE IN SEARCHING THIS BOOK. Phrases such as “silence that talks” and “reality is now is forever” and finally the thought that “people have only discovered a small amount of God’s creation … there is so much more”, are encouraging and exciting. She finally shares her understanding that, “the baseline of our existence is ‘at-one-ment’ with God and our time here is to discover this.”

– Carol Linfoot Foy

The secret’s out – finally a genuine nuts and bolts book on ‘how to’ communicate with God just as we are. All myths have been absolved in this soul rendering ‘at-one-ment with God’ dialogue Ruth has written here. How do we find God, let-a-lone talk to God? God’s communication with us – how do we recognize God’s voice; how do we hear God? How do we keep an on-going conversation with God? Whether one is searching or is already on the journey, Ruth’s book gives each and every one of us the assurance that absolutely everyone is unconditionally loved by a God who really wants to be at one with us.

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