Soft Whispers Book Testimonials


The origins of this unusual book began when Ruth was woken from sleep one night by a soft voice calling her to get up and write. She recounts: ‘Words flew into my mind. Pictures filled my imagination. Insights into the depths of emotional hurts that people were carrying entered the core of my being.’

The writings kept coming, but for many years Ruth’s collection remained unpublished until the sudden death of her son prompted her to re-visit her writings and share them with those who needed comfort and the assurance of God’s love.

Ruth’s collection of 66 inspirational writings covers topics such as sorrow, grief, fear, temptation, forgiveness, worship and fellowship. Some are in poetic form. There are prayers and spiritual musings, while other pieces involve a stream of intimate conversations with God, where God does much of the talking. Each piece of writing is super-imposed on coloured pages which makes the book attractive and easy to read.

I recommend this beautiful hard covered book for mature Christians who need encouragement for life’s journey. It deserves to be placed on a coffee table or beside one’s bedside for regular referral, and to be shared with those going through the storms of life.
As Ruth concludes: ‘It is when we extend Him a heartfelt invitation to be a part of our innermost being that His loving peace and strength gently diffuses our soul.’

– Julia Martin – The Christian Writer Magazine


This is a beautiful book. The writings are words and whispers speaking of God’s love, encouraging, comforting and healing. It is a book to dip into, to find words which will uplift your spirit, which speak of peace, which give quiet encouragement.
They are words of love and of blessing. Thank you, Ruth for sharing them.

– Joan Rangeley


Reading the Soft Whispers book has been a journey. I felt “light as a feather” after reading it through, and had to go back through to the writings as they’re immensely layered. Layered with truth, sorrow, love, encouragement, hope, hard times, embrace, future, the list it goes on… It’s great to have by your bed or gift to someone for any occasion–truly! Thank you Ruth for getting these inspired writings out. They mean a lot.


Soft Whispers……. Small Shouts…… Deep Waters…… by Ruth Hammond. Published by Free Reign Publishing. This is a book you will reread time and time again if you wish to be inspired, renewed, loved and filled with joy. Ruth’s inspirational writing comes from a deeply personal time in her life and to share this with us is a gift. To begin, the book tells of how it all began and each writing is infused with hope and the strength of the wisdom God has for us all. This book is beautifully presented and would make a special gift for anyone. Hopefully this is the first of more writings by Ruth to come. Quote: “The message He brings to you is one of deep love, Enfolding, encircling as the wings of a dove.”

– Judy Pascoe


I purchased this attractive book Soft Whispers…Small Shouts…Deep Waters almost a year ago, after hearing a moving testimony from the author. I have read it frequently as an addition to my personal quiet time, often on a daily basis. I have also found myself using it when I have had a need to speak to God and cannot quite find the words. I will search through the index to find a title that matches my mood or need, and read it, sometimes out loud, but knowing that God hears those words as a reflection of my need of Him. Sometimes we have unwelcome and painful circumstances in our life journey. Sometimes we just feel we want to praise Him.

Sometimes we want to share with others. Sometimes we just want to “be” in His presence. This gentle, pale blue and pink book answers all those needs. I thank the author for allowing God to put her own sad and difficult journey into words that will bring courage and a sense of peace to others who are treading an equally painful pathway.

– Carol Linfoot-Foy


‘Messages for the heart and soul, packaged beautifully by the writer, devoted with Love by the Author. God’s unique thumb print in every line, reaching me here (said pointing to my heart).

– Ann


Soft Whispers is a collection of 66 inspirational writings that are an encouragement for life’s journey and an encouragement of God’s love for you and the people around you.

These writings, which have led to the production of the book have been a 28yr+ journey of listening and obedience. I hope for the book to be an inspiration, an encouragement, and most of all a “soft whispers, small shouts, deep waters” experience of our loving God to all.

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